i'm on semi-hiatus :)
Anonymous said:
hi i was just wondering if you decided it's best to leave permanently, would you delete the hummelberry url or keep your blog up as an archive? i hope everything is good with you dear <3

if i left permanently i would probably keep my blog up but change the url because i’m guessing someone else would want this url :)

Anonymous said:
hi ellen! i just wanted to say i miss you on my dash and i hope you're having a great summer :)

thank you sweetie!! hope you’ve had/are having an amazing summer too!! <3

Anonymous said:
NO WHERE ARE U!!!!!! come back :'c

i’m sorry! i was on hiatus <3


When you see very good art of your Notp on your dash


favorite glee cast members - chris colfer 

@msleamichele Happy fathers Day to the greatest dad in the whole world! Thank you or always making me and mommy laugh we love you!

hrhchriscolfer Naturally, the cat is rebelling because we got a dog.

Anonymous said:
I've never been a fan of blaine either! and sooo many people love him, and i just don't understand why tbh.. and tina and mercedes for some reason always irritated me

yeah mercedes annoys me sometimes but i’m not too bothered by her because she has some good moments, tina is just… i can’t even begin like wtf happened to her?? yeah i mean i’m sure there are people that don’t like characters i love, everyone has different tastes and i used to like blaine but just not anymore