i'm on semi-hiatus

chordover @darrencriss oh Blaine!!! We love you! #powerbottom


its all fun to change ur url to something festive but SOME of us have Brands to maintain

kurt + being into older men

kurt is going to date a hot dad omg 

Wanted: Employee for Entry Level Position


The successful candidate will have a minimum of five years experience in a similar role, own their own transport, be related to someone I know and like, be proficient in Excel and kangaroo wrangling, have gold-plated nipples, and be willing to work full hours at minimum wage.


Thank you VLC for giving me this.

@chriscolfer: #HeForShe is a great cause to get behind! Please check it out. So proud of @EmWatson!

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Aaaannnd… we’re back!