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people are hating on chris on my photoset for being sexist and saying the only reason brittany is going to win is because she’s hot 

um no, shut the fuck up, seriously :\

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    sHE IS… Im actually really mad at this cuz Britt, is really cool, but she’s an IDIOT and Ill hate it if she wins because...
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  3. halestilinski said: lol is true THO
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    that’s how it works in high school and chris is just stating facts urgh
  6. heathermione said: lol, brittany’s the one playing into the sexism with her stupid faux-feminism campaign.
  7. culfer said: i saw that as well and just yeah i have no words. the phrase “hating on chris” shouldn’t even exist tho, js.
  8. cassiejuly said: i jumped into that conversation, but i don’t think chris is being sexist. i think he’s as perplexed about that message as anyone.
  9. kurtblaine said: lol i almost reblogged it to say soemthing but then i decided it’s really not worth the trouble and i didn’t want you to get more stupid notes on this lol. :|
  10. eddie-maynes said: i hate everyone omg
  11. aryastarkk said: ugh that sucks. especially after what chris said about people taking things he said out of context at the new yorker fest
  12. teenagedreamkurt-archive said: No, clearly Brittany will win because she has the intelligence the senior class needs. GUYS, ITS BRITTANY. Seriously. Also, if Kurt wasn’t in the running I would so be routing for her based off that outfit she was wearing. Just sayin’
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    what can I say?? haters gonna hate, some people don’t know how to see the truth
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