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Max Adler talks about working with Chris Colfer

  1. Rae Votta: You had a powerful scene with Chris Colfer (Kurt) in this episode, and you've had a lot of them throughout the series. How was working with Chris on this one in comparison to others you've done?
  2. Max Adler: I would work with Chris every day for the rest of my life. He's just a natural, genuine person. There's something when you're looking in his eyes in a scene and everything in life kind of goes away. You can completely surrender to the characters, the circumstance and the situation. We just get that about each other, there's something about our scenes where we live in the world of all the subtext and what's really being said in between the lines. I think that's what people have responded to, and it's so appreciated. Also the writers have done such a great job fleshing out these characters, and people can relate to them because they know somebody like one of these characters. Chris gives 100 percent, even when it's my closeup and there's no camera on him he'll be shedding tears, which obviously helps my performance. We both have respect and love for our craft and the message we're portraying. I think when he visits me in the hospital is one of the most powerful scene that we've shot, because Kurt realizes that Karofksy needs a friend. He's dangling off a cliff by a thread, and he needs someone on the other end to show him that it's going to be okay and that there's a future where people will love him for who he is. Kurt is the only one to step up for him to do that. It's one of the first times you see us on the same page as opposed to at war with each other.
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